BC2Conn v1.06 RC3 - PHP class for communicating with a Battlefield Bad Company 2 gameserver

Download: BC2Conn_v1.06_RC3 - Ready for server version R28

You can find the API here.

Features coming soon.

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BC2Conn is a PHP written class for developers who want to build their own webinterfaces or services to administrate their gameservers. It is also possible to create webpages just with reading server information so that you can display them on your site. It comes along with an API - developers who aren't that deeply involved into PHP can easily understand what to do and use the given features, too. Other features included are the XML files, which include the current map / team / playmode / squad names. It's easy to add new content without touching the main class. The next step planned is to implement the eventhandling to receive messages sent from the gameservers ..

If you think that the BC2Conn PHP class is useful, please post a link to this page for your users.
And a big THX to all the people posting news about the BC2Conn PHP class on their pages :)

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Official threads:

http://www.fpsadmin.com/forum/showthread.php?t=20045 (English)
http://www.bf-games.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=45896 (German)
http://www.f7c-foren.de/showthread.php?t=68234 (German)


v1.06 (08.02.2011)
* R28 support
* updated maxNames.xml
* added maps for Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam
* changed getMapNames() to compare case insensitive mapnames
v1.05 (01.08.2010)
* R17 support
* updated maxNames.xml
* included R17 functionality
v1.04 (10.06.2010)
* R13 support
* added some new features introduced with R13
* fixed minor bugs
v1.03 (24.04.2010)
* R11 support
* added some requested features (see board for more information)
* added option to turn on/off caching of some serverdata
* added function to ban players by GUID
* added function to move players to opponent team
* added function to change the squad of a player
* added function to kill players
* added function adminSayMessageToAll() - uses admin.say
v1.02 (14.04.2010)
* added new functions (view 'feature request' topic on board)
* added some caching functionality
* changed some return types from array to string or boolean
* implemented check which socket connection is available on webserver
* some refactoring stuff
v1.01 (11.04.2010)
* fixed bug with receiving data from gameserver > 4096 bytes
* added getPlayerlistNames() function to improve usage of getPlayerXX() functions
* changes in connection function (no longer fsockopen())
* changed return type of constructor (THX to courgette from http://courgette.github.com/)
* added caching var for receiving playerlist
* minor other changes
v1.0-FINAL (09.04.2010)
* added GPLv2+ license
* added R9 support of gameservers
* fixed/reworked getTeamName()
* needed to change/add some contents in teamNames.xml
* updated squadNames.xml and mapNames.xml
* implemented adminYellMessageToTeam()
* renamed almost all functions (sorry guys!)
* reworked kick and ban functions
* implemented admin.say command
* added new functions to get player stats / kills / deaths etc.
* fixed minor bugs
v1.5b (05.04.2010)
* added functions to get player specific data (playername, clantag, squadid, teamid)
* added some more functions 
* fixed listing player subset of a given player
* fixed minor bugs
* improved some comments
* YES - we did the 200 downloads! THANK YOU ALL ;)
v1.41b (04.04.2010)
* fixed kicking or banning players with names containing whitespaces doesn't work
  (reported by Thomas from www.blut-und-stahl.de - THX!)
* changed default ban time from 'round' to 'perm'
* changed syntax of adminYellMesage()
* fixed sending adminYellMessage() to players works fine now
* minor improvements
v1.4b (02.04.2010)
* added more functions (kick/ban players, reserved slots handling & more)
* fixed minor bugs
* changed some return types
* better example file
v1.3b (31.03.2010)
* added method to get teamnames (big THX to phogue from www.phogue.net)
* added teamnames.xml file
v1.2b (30.03.2010)
* added more functions
* added comments to (almost) all methods
* generated api
* renamed some vars
* changed return type of some get methods from array to string
v1.1b (29.03.2010)
* fixed admin yell message containing whitespaces
* fixed server description containing whitespaces
v1.0b (27.03.2010)
* more functions added
v0.1b (25.03.2010)
* initial release

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